Easy, Single-Use Alcohol Breathalyzer®

With over 250 million units sold worldwide, endorsed by numerous International Associations for road safety, and currently used by governments, police & military forces worldwide, it’s easy to see why Self Breathalyzer is the number one selling disposable alcohol self-breathalyzer in the world.

Self Breathalyzer is a single use, disposable breathalyzer® so there’s no risk of contamination between usage. Using Self Breathalyzer is a clean, safe, and hygienic way to keep our families and loved-ones safe and prevent accidents on our roads and at our workplace.

Self Breathalyzer is small and easy to transport. It's reliable, accurate, and easy-to-use in just 3 simple steps.

Watch our How To Use video to learn just how easy it is to avoid driving impaired!

Made with eco-friendly recyclable materials, Self Breathalyzer is manufactured in France in an ISO 9001 facility, NF Laboratory Certified for accuracy, MHF Laboratory Certified, and meets the strict requirements of the FDA (U.S. Food & Drug Administration).

Avoid the consequences of a DUI, prevent workplace intoxication, and help make our roads a safer place to be.

Celebrate life. Drink Responsibly.

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