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SelfBreathalyzer, the worlds number one selling disposable breathalyzer is now available in the US!

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Self Breathalyzer 24 Pack

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Advantages to Being a Retailer

  1. Increase incremental sales with a new product that is 99.98% accurate, police and military grade and has already sold 250 million worldwide.
  2. Self Breathalyzer makes for a great stocking stuffer and will be in high demand as people celebrate over the holidays.
  3. Each box includes merchandising accessories which allow you to sell the product wherever in your store you want.
  4. We'll send your order directly to a location of your choice with NO SHIPPING CHARGE, just buy two or more of our boxes.


Am I taking on any legal liability by selling Self Breathalyzer in my store?

NO. The reason the answer is no is that the Self Breathalyzer is a “self-administered device” – not unlike our favorite analogy, the condom. Like our product, a condom is over 99% effective if used properly. But the condom manufacturer is not legally responsible to you should you end up with an unwanted pregnancy. Did the user put the condom on correctly? Did it stay on? Did it fit properly? There’s simply no way to know. Like condoms, the Self Breathalyzer is a self-administered device that must be used in a very specific way to yield its 99.98% accurate results. By selling it in your store you aren't taking on any liability, but you are empowering your customers to make more responsible choices.

Is there a minimum quantity I have to order?

You can buy as few as one box of 24 breathalyzers, however, if you order two or more boxes there will be no shipping charge.

How does the breathalyzer work?

It is a disposable chemical breathalyzer, NF Laboratory Certified to be 99.98% accurate. There are 3 easy steps to self-breathalyze. 1. Remove the wrapper 2. Push the ends of the breathalyzer together firmly until the seal pops. 3. Breath into the appropriate end of the breathalyzer. Detailed directions for using and interpreting the results are straightforward and appear on the wrapper, as well as on the display box.

How long will it take for me to sell through my first order?

Some boxes have been sold in as little as a few days. Results vary from store to store mainly depending on how the product is marketed within your venue. We recommend placing the box set up close to the front register or on the door of a beer/wine cooler. As this is a new product in the United States, we include an information sheet in each order. To maximize profits, we recommend making this sheet available to employees so that they can answer costumer questions and sell as many as possible.

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Flex Merchandising Box

24 Peg Boxes in a POS Counter Display includes 2 Clipstrip & "S" hook sets plus suction cups for cooler door displays

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