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Reduce your risk and protect yourself against accidents caused by workplace impairment

So why take the risk when it comes to alcohol?

As a company, you’re responsible for the safety and the actions of your employees, as well as any consequences these actions may have to your clients and to the public.

Alcohol in the workplace is the cause millions of dollars in damages, injuries, and deaths every year in North America. Those in the construction, oil & gas, and heavy labor related industries face the greatest risk of all. 

Survey's indicated that work-related impairment directly affects an estimated 15 percent of the workforce. We estimate more than 2.3 million workers in North America drink before work, 8.9 million workers drink during work hours, and 11.6 million workers come to work with a hangover.

There's no substitute for the basics in addressing alcohol abuse in any workplace.

Self Breathalyzer™ offers a safe and cost effective solution to prevent workplace impairment. Speak to one of Operational Health & Safety representatives to develop a solution for your company.


Growing your business and complying with client requests

When it comes to transporting their goods, especially those of high value or that pose a major environmental risk, many companies include strict safety requirements in their contracts.

These will requirements will include the vehicles that are used, maintenance on the vehicles, insurance secured, and qualifications of each driver. Also included are measures to insure the vehicle operator is "fit to drive".

Proving your company's compliance is essential to landing and maintaining big contracts. 

Find out how and oil & gas logistics company used Self Breathalyzer™ to fulfill their compliance requirements to Esso in this case study. 

Health and Safety Self Breathalyzer

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Benefits of adding Self Breathalyzer to your companies safety policy:

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced costs from waste
  • Greater employee retention and better morale
  • Job satisfaction, and reduced absenteeism
  • Decreased risk of injury and premature death
  • Lower insurance premiums
  • Limiting company liability
  • Promoting education & awareness of legal BAC limits

International Corporate Clients, including

Self Breathalyzer is safe, reliable, hygienic and FDA approved. You can purchase Self Breathalyzer in 0.02% BAC for ‘zero-tolerance’ or 0.05% BAC for general workplace safety. You’ll have accurate test results within two minutes!

So why take the risk? Contact our team to start using Self Breathalyzer at your company today!

"Prevalence and Distribution of Alcohol Use and Impairment in the Workplace: A U.S. National Survey," Michael R. Frone, Research Institute on Addictions, State University of New York at Buffalo, 2006.